1. SIZE OF THE POOL OR SPA – larger pools need larger chlorinators
  2. BATHING USAGE – heavy loads consume more chlorine.
  3. SIZE OF THE FILTRATION SYSTEM – poor water flow will require longer running time
  4. SIZE OF THE SALTWATER CHLORINATOR – larger unit means fewer problems. It is best to oversize than undersize your equipment for your pool.
  5. SUMMER WATER TEMPERATURE – high temperature and strong sunlight will cause rapid chlorine loss.

Chlorinators play a significant role in keeping your pool clean & safe to swim in, not all chlorinators are the same. You will need to consider the following options for your pool.

Like anything we buy, brands do make a difference. The big named are generally easier to maintain, with parts readily available and service technicians that are familiar with their systems. This can add to product life, and not requiring to look to replace the entire system in a few years because the parts are no longer available. 

Self-cleaning pool chlorinators are designed to maintain themselves. Self cleaning has replaced the hard work out of manual cleaning, which actually involves taking the unit apart. Self cleaners prevent damage to the electrodes & increase product life.

Modern digital chlorinators are easy to operate. They also provide features like the Output Control to adjust chlorine levels as required. The Super-Chlorinate or Cleaning Mode allows you to do a regular “spring cleaning” of the pool with a push of a button. This should be done once a month to prevent build-up in the pool.

Capacity – This is literally a measure of how much chlorine is generated by the chlorinator per hour. Chlorination capacity depends on the size of the unit. Big pools, naturally, need bigger units to provide appropriate chlorination levels. 

Time of operation day or night? Sunlight breaks down chlorine, as soon as it enters the pool. This breakdown is accelerated dramatically by exposure to sunlight and by the water temperature. Running first thing in the morning & afternoon or night achieves better sanitation. It means that the chlorine that’s generated will last longer, reach a higher concentration and achieve better overall results. If you plan to run your chlorinator during the hot daylight hours only, your might need to add 20-30% to the power output of your chlorinator. 

The right pool chlorinator will save you time, money, and above all improve water quality. Take some time to talk to Swimtec Pool Professionals and find the RIGHT unit for your pool.