Blocking sunlight is a very cost-efficient way of preserving your chlorine and getting maximum benefits. The pool cover drastically reduces chlorine loss, and ensures efficient chlorination. A Pool Cover will warm your pool water by up to 8 degrees Celsius, great for the winter months. The suns solar energy passes through the special transparent cover material to heat the pool water & saves water evaporation.

More warmth in – less heat out.

There will be far less dirt in your pool and most unwanted debris will blow away. What doesn’t blow away will gather in one area to be scooped up and removed?

Carefully hosing off as you roll the cover up is a good method of cleaning.

Pool Cover Rollers have a range of power options, which include solar, electric and battery, as well as a variety of design options. These rollers have also been designed for easy use.

We recommend Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers for reliability. Depending upon the thickness of the cover, it is backed by a 3 – 10yr pro-rata warranty.

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