Keeping a swimming pool clean and well maintained can be an excruciating task. However, the following will make it a little easier in maintaining your pool.

You may not require all of these pool maintenance supplies, so here’s a good list of the many items that you should include.

  1. A dependable water testing kit. Having a good test kit over a cheap basic water testing kit will save you a lot of money in the long run. Water chemistry or the chemical levels in the water is very crucial one when it comes to maintaining a clean swimming pool, especially during the summer months on the Gold Coast.
  2. A suitable 18 inch nylon brush. This is needed to brush the pool surface like the walls and floors regularly to avoid algae build up.
  3. Telescopic pole. Never settle for a cheaper pole as it is brittle, bends easily and can quickly break. You can choose from two models: a 6-12 foot or an 8-16 foot model as long as the quality of the pole is good.
  4. Typical leaf rake. Keep a leaf rake or skimmer to clean the water surface of the pool. These pool maintenance supplies are very essential and should be kept on hand to easily remove leaves that fall on the surface of the water. High quality skimmers and rakes may be purchased with a standard bag or a fine mesh material.

These pool maintenance accessories should always be accessible in case there are unexpected circumstances where your pool needs cleaning.

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