• Not checking your pool’s chemistry often. Check the pool’s chemistry about once a week all year round. Buying the incorrect Chemicals or low graded Chemicals can do more harm than good. For example: Low graded salt can eventually cause staining to pool surface like tiles, pebble creting etc. This can be costly to rectify & hard to shift.
  • Not emptying the skimmer & pump baskets often enough. Will result in: full of debris – minimal water flow, resulting in poor water circulation & creating a bigger problem of burning out the pool pump. The pump requires water to flow through to operate effectively.
  • Not brushing the walls and tiles regularly. Will result in algae build up, embed staining & poor sanitization.
  • Not running pool equipment long enough. Results in poor circulation, chemical imbalance, sanitization & generally dirty water that is not safe for swimming.
  • Not cleaning the chlorinator cell in salt water units (chlorine producers). Corroded or calcified cells will produce very little chlorine in turn creating green algae.
  • Not backwashing sand filters often, the filter will never reach its cleaning potential. Backwashing too much for no reason is a waste of water. Most filters require backwashing approximately once a month.
  • Not replacing broken drains or missing suction sources. This is a real and dangerous hazard. The same could be said for defective door/gate closers and fences in poor condition.

If you want a pool that sparkles all year round then regular pool maintenance done by a qualified technician from Swimtec might just be the solution!